One of the most serious risks that comes with aging is isolation. Isolation is the one of the chief causative components of loneliness and depression in the elderly. So we take every opportunity to connect our clients at Lakeside Gardens with their family and friends, and the larger world community...



Cable hook up in every room

Frankly, we hate seeing residents left alone with TV as a baby-sitter. We hope that bother's you too. Studies show that TV keeps the mind busy but does not fulfil the needs of the heart. It also works to overstimulate the brain if left on too long.

But on the other hand we also don't want to change people's lifestyle or stop their enjoyment of their favorite entertainment. We simply want to prevent isolation. And connecting with the world through media, in moderation, can protect from isolation.

Each of needs to see and observe the world but we also need to participate in the world. Obviously we need a balance of both.

So our goal is to provide a varied cable service to let our residents continue their favorite shows while at the same time encouraging and enticing them with activities and interests that they did before they needed care support. We also use TV and news to provide a basis for casual table discussion, keeping residents interested and part of the world they live in.

Basic cable is included.

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Telephone jack in every room

Residents are free to use the house phone We encourage friends and family to call and visit as much as possible.

If your family member has a desire for more privacy, their are many phone line coming into the facility that can be used to subscribe to a private line - clients cost. Either way, it's up to you. Each room has a jack in it.

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WiFI wireless N Broadband

We continually upgrade our wireless broadband to the latest standards to support the best and fastest communications through the internet. It was only a few short years ago that most of our residents didn't know what the internet was. Now many are spending many hours surfing the web, e-mailing and talking to friends. While we have a laptop available for our clients' use, we encourage them, if interested to bring their own.

Wireless internet access is available all through the house including the courtyard gardens, as well.

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Skype video conferencing

A desk in the family room is setup for easy skype (video) conferences for you family member living here.

If you are interested in Skyping with your family member, we'll freely give you Lakeside's skype address. Then just give us a time you would like for your skype conference, and we will have your family member ready and waiting for your prescheduled visit with you.

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Blog Postings for Family & Friends


To keep you and the rest of your family up-to-date on what's going on here at Lakeside Gardens and with your family member here, we have recently setup a new blog - news, activities, you name it.  If it involves your family member at Lakeside Gardens in a meaningful and uplifting way, it just may show up here on the blog.   This way you can participate in their life when you're not able to be here to visit.

The blogs will be fully open to comments back from you too. This is another way your family member will be able enjoy keeping in touch with everyone they love.

You can choose an option in the blog membership area to have an e-mail sent out to you each time a new blog entry is posted.

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Home Theater

The Bombay room can be instantly converted to a home theatre center. We use this for Pajama Movie Nights (with popcorn) on Sunday evenings for old-time favorite movies. We also use it for other special occasions, such as world events, inaugurations, Super Bowl Sunday, New Year's day parade, and other special occasions to keep your family member connected with the events of the world.

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Transportation to medical services - contracted

So you can stay first and foremost involved in your family member's medical care, transportation to and from medical appointments is reserved for your. However, if you are unable to provide transportation, Lakeside Gardens can arrange it for you for a nominal fee.

Lakeside Gardens will also be happy to make arrangements for your family member living at Lakeside Gardens to use Whatcom Specialized Transportation to take them to adult day care, Beauty shop, etc. as they wish (and bring them back).


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