peace is knowing your loved one will receive care when they need it, not when a calender tells them to

Need Based Care

"Everyone deserves to have the care they need, when they need it and not according to someone else's schedule."


What do we mean?

It is really common in the industry to schedule care like a list of groceries you are going to buy at the store. I'll take one of those, and two of these a week, and, um, maybe one of those each month.

At the beginning of the care continuum, this is a smart way to handle care needs.  This can work well for a period of time. It is easy to schedule for three meals a day, two showers a week - Monday, and Thursday.  But what happens if your loved one gets sick during the week. How does that fit into the schedule?  Will their increased needs be met immediately, or will they need to be scheduled?

And inevitably, the needs of a person will increase without being noticed or expressed right away.  Incontinence may increase, causing the need for more bedding changes and more assistance with showers.  But if the person requiring that care can't identify it or express the need due to cognitive decline or even embarrassment, will that need be met?  Not as easily in a larger facility with less staffing availability.

In Lakeside Gardens' small home-like setting it is far easier to notice the subtle changes of care needs in our clients.  We are able to address them immediately and without charging for each small change.   Not having a scheduled time for the needs to be met is no problem to us because we are far more available for them.  It is common to change a shower day because someone is tired or prefers to do it tomorrow.  We attempt to accoumodate such requests on a daily basis.

Lakeside Gardens can give you this assurance. We will always provide care to your loved one, no matter what, when the need arises.  This is called individualized care and it is what we do well.

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