Welcome to our updated website.

We're  bleary eyed a bit tired... but we're done.  We've rewritten our Lakeside Gardens website from the ground up to be fully capable with technology today and into the future.

Currently website style and phone apps are become more simple and clean.  So our site has been updated to be more simple, polished and clean.  

But our update contains a lot more than that.  Our website will be more flexible for you to view.  You can now view the website from any device you choose - whether a pc, mac, tablet, or cell phone.  

All the pages and pictures automatically adjust to the different resolution of your devices so that you can concentrate on the information and not on the effort of viewing the page.  In plain language, you no longer have to scroll back and forth on your cell phone to see the whole page.

And at last, we'll be able to post blogs and pictures simply and easily from our cell phones anytime   -  while we're out in the middle of an outings or when we simply see a sweet moment that we know our resident families will appreciate.  We're thinking it will be fun for us and hope it will be fun for you.  

Keep checking back to see new pictures posted and new blogs!