Intergenerational Fun!

Every year at about this time we await with great anticipation the students from Shuksan Middle School.  These students come to interact, make friends and do projects with our resident's on Friday's for five weeks.  This year we were not disappointed.  The four eighth grade girls who came this year were phenomenal and jumped right in on every activity and project.  The residents and the girls enjoyed a rousing exercise class and game of "bop the balloon" every time they visited.  They played at the top of their time and when we could finally drag them all away from this game, then we started on projects.

The picture is of flower arranging they all did together.   Even Gerald enjoyed it!  


We were honored to have them participate in Irene's birthday party this year.  They helped serve birthday cake and participated in the "Name that Tune" game everyone played.  At first the girls were scared they wouldn't know the songs but were surprised at how many they really did know!  Together the girls and the resident's had much fun!

We have other children who come to visit the resident's.  Two of our main "stars" are Colton and Jacob.  Colton first came to visit at 3 weeks old.  Gladys is known to hog all baby time as she adores holding them!  But she did share a little!  Colton still comes to visit with his mommy Hailey and his grandma, Kelly.  

Jacob is Roxanne's(Caregiver) son and he is 8 years old.  He likes to help Kelly with activities and loves to play games with the residents.  On occasion he will read to the residents which thrills the heart of our retired teacher, Gladys.  

These times of intergenerational fun are an important part of the resident's lives.  It brings joy, and also brings back special memories to many of our residents.  Never does a child enter into our home without putting huge smiles on the faces of our residents.