Tulip Fields

Every year, when the tulip fields are in full bloom, we pack up our residents and head to Mt Vernon to enjoy the beautiful views.  This year we had friends and family come to help us as when we do a big outing like this we need many hands on deck.  So many thanks to Sally and Linda for helping us out this year!

We drove past fields filled with color and got out at Roozengaarde display gardens.  Absolutely gorgeous.  We all picked out our favorite tulips and display beds.  Walked around until our rumbling stomachs told us it was lunchtime.  

Our tradition is to go to the farmhouse restaurant when we go to see the tulip fields.  They have old fashioned favorites including the mile high lemon meringue pie.  We enjoyed a filling late lunch and marveled at the pies going by. 

And although the service was very slow, our resident Lucia reminded us, "We are enjoying eachother's company and have something to drink so whats the hurry, anyway?"  Well said Lucia and great attitude!!!!  

We headed home saying a last goodbye to the rainbow colored fields.  We chatted, laughed and some slept the whole way home.  What a wonderful day!