Care Services

Lakeside Gardens provides all the services larger care facilities provide.  However, we we are usually able to do this at a more affordable rate while providing a higher level of care.  Although the rate is based upon the level of care a resident will need, many services are already included in the basic rate.   See below for a list of many of the services we are able to offer:



Care Strategies & Comparisons

Lakeside Gardens has a ratio of care that is at least one caregiver for every six residents.  To evaluate what this means for the quality of care, please allow us to explain...

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"Everyone deserves to have the care they need, when they need it and not according to someone else's schedule."   What do we mean by this?

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Examples of Individualized Care



Margaret had a zest for life. She would refer to herself as a hedonist because her long history of life had been dedicated to play. On her 83rd birthday she went parasailing in tadem with heart heart doctor (just in case). She was always on the lookout for new exotic ...

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David's wall was covered with medals. He had been a marathon runner for years and his wall was a testimony to how well he had placed. Even though aging, he still ran over 1000 miles/year and it became his identity, well part if it. He personality and lifestyle was very...

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Most of you don't have family members needing care that recently ran 1000 miles a year or want to go parasailing in their 80's. If not, then this example then is for you. Bertha was one of those old people that really earned the name of sweet little old lady. Her life was love...

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